Electric Service

Did you ever wonder why electricians refer to an ineffective electrical connection as a “bad” connection, like it was misbehaving and in need of punishment?  It is how many service providers view angry customers—not as someone who has experienced a failed service connection, but as the perpetrator of a “bad” connection.Electric Service  As long as the customer with a beef is viewed as “bad” rather than “injured,” the more efforts to right the customer connection will simply short-circuit.

There are many other features of electric service that match customer service.  Great service comes from a solid grounding—allegiance to insuring the service offering is laced with quality.  Great service requires proper insulation—protecting the customer’s experience from bureaucratic processes and lackluster service people.  But, most important, great service takes a valued connection—a link with understanding, relevance and a strong desire to serve.  Is your service filled with power, or is it about to short out?


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