Great Service is Summer Camp

We are just beyond the season of summer camp!  My eight year old granddaughter, Kaylee, went to her first overnight camp in July...for two weeks and in another state!  Before she went, if she talked with her two sisters about summer camp, you could hear the apprehension in her voice.  But, when she was packing her trunk and looking at the camp website, she was super excited and ready to go...right now!

Camp is always all about meeting new friends and trying new things.  There are typically skinned knees, a bit of homesickness, and the telling and retelling of supersized stories.  Kaylee came back home much older than simply two weeks!  Summer camp was a new awakening.  And, next summer she wants to go back for a month!

What if service providers approached service like summer camp?  Every customer would be the source of adventure and excitement.  New offerings would provoke the apprehension of the unknown as well as the excitement of a fresh opportunity.  Service providers would put their name on every service act, just like Kaylee put a name tag on every piece of clothing.

The setting for service would feature color, charm and newness, like bumper stickers on a camp trunk.  Every aspect of the service experience would get the close scrutiny of camp inspection right after breakfast.  And, all customer communication would be as upbeat and animated as camp mail call.

What are ways to turn your customers’ experiences into the freshness of summer camp?  Not only will your customers spread their excited stories, they will come back “next summer!”

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