Solo, Duet or Chorus Service?

I love self-service...when it works.  But when solo service fails me, it feels like losing your dollar in a vending machine at a remote location.  Who you gonna call?

I love personalized service...when the person on the other side of the equation is there for me.  I have been known to brag about my very own network of “go to” people--“Ask for Ted” or “Tell Susan I suggested you…”  But, when that special person who knows my whims and ways is out sick or on vacation, I struggle to laboriously educate the fill-in person!

But, I love chorus service the best...a team of people equipped to make my experience one that is customized and carefully choreographed to be there when I need them, the way I need them, with the wherewithal to get done what I need done.

“Hi, I’m Kelly.  I’m on Elena’s team.  I have all your information in front of me.  How may I help you, Chip?”  These words started my second conversation with Dell after buying a computer from Elena.

Here is the best part.  Dell’s Elena set it up from the beginning.  “Chip, I want you to have my direct extension.  But, if I am tied up with another customer, you’ll always get one of my terrific team members who will have all your information.  They’ll let me know what they did to serve you.”  Sure enough, my third call to Dell to order an accessory got me, “Chip, its Ted from Elena’s team.”  The harmony of their service chorus gave my both confidence and customization.

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