Four Keys to Crafting an Effective Service Vision

Creating a service vision for your company is vital to ensuring your customers and you have a keen understanding of what you offer and how it is differentiated from today’s hyper competitive market.

Crafting an effective service vision reflects a blend of four inputs:

  1. Customer loyalty drivers – those performance areas that have the biggest influence on customers’ repurchase and advocacy intentions.
  2. A clear-eyed review of the unit or organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  3. Your own vision of what constitutes distinctive service
  4. The active participation of all employees in the unit or organization

How does a service vision help?  It helps ensure the consistent service that enhances customer trust.  As customers, we feel more confident when there are service features on which we can always rely.  A service vision makes those elements clear.  A service vision can also provide guidelines for decision making.  If your service vision focuses on being “easy to do business with,” it serves as an anchor in selecting approaches, practices or procedures that enhance ease of service.  What are the distinctive elements of the service experience you consistently provide?

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