Take Your Customer’s Breath Away!

Today’s wired and dangerous customer is looking for organizations that are continuously pushing to improve the customer journey and take their customers’ experience to new heights.  Delivering a customer experience that satisfies the customer is not nearly enough to create loyalty and growth.  Customers are on the lookout for companies who utilize innovation to find new ways to consistently wow their customers.

Play-Doh® was the accidental by-product of an effort to develop wallpaper cleaner.  The Slinky® came about when scientists were trying to design a spring to support sensitive equipment on ships.  Silly Putty® was a mistake in an attempt to create a synthetic rubber substitute.  And the technology that made Cool Whip® possible (that amazing whipped cream-like product that stays fluffy after being frozen) was a sheer accident.  A food chemist at General Foods was working on developing a new topping and accidentally left the blender on in the lab while he went to lunch.  Incidentally, this same food chemist holds 70 patents including ones for Tang, Pop Rocks, powered egg whites, and quick-set Jell-O! Wacky works!

What would your customer experience be like…

  • If you had a magic wand and could change one important aspect of the customer experience.
  • If you had unlimited resources.
  • If you were a superhero with supernatural powers.
  • If you wanted to invent a customer experience that was completely different from any other on the planet.
  • If the new experience was going to carry the name of your child, your parents, or your best friend.
  • What folk hero or character could represent the new customer experience you want to create?
  • If that folk hero or character were to advise you on the new experience, what would he, she, or it recommend?

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