Customers Today Call For Consistency!
Customers Today Call For Consistency!

Customers today are more powerful than ever!  And they base the majority of their decision on where to spend their hard earned dollars on the customer service experiences they encounter.  Recent research shows 97% of customers say that customer service is very important or somewhat important in their choice of and loyalty to a brand!  And 76% of customers say that the level of customer service is the true test of how much an organization values them!

We completed several focus groups for a client in the senior living industry.  One of our most interesting findings was that the outcome most desired by residents and family members alike was the consistency of service reliability.  For the resident it is all about the confidence that someone will answer their late night call quickly, take care of them just like they were a member of their family; that the employees here care and they can always depend on them.  For family members it is all about the confidence that “mom” or “dad” will be well cared for by people who sincerely care about them.  It is the ability to be free from worry when they are not visiting the community.  Consistent service reliability is critical to success in this fast growing industry.

What does this important outcome say to service providers everywhere no matter the industry? It says the great work on consistency and service reliability done by Professor Len Berry remains an important element of service success in today’s rapidly evolving economy.  It requires that you make sure your selection process identifies people who genuinely care and see their work as much more than just a job.  It means insuring all of the processes and practices you utilize to deliver the customer experience consistently and reliably support your customers’ desired overall outcome.  The only teams that succeed are those with great teamwork and absolutely no weak links!

When is the last time you took an in-depth look at how consistently your team actually delivers the reliable outcomes your customers demand?  Are you hiring employees who bring the spirit and attitude you want your customers to experience?  What score would your customers give your team on consistent service reliability?

Your customers know the answers to these important questions.  Do you?

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