What Kind of Character Does Your Service Deliver?

Recent research shows that 86% of customers say loyalty is primarily driven by likeability and 83% of customers say TRUST.

We all live our lives on promises.  From the time a child can grasp the concept of “cross my heart and hope to die,” there is a forever realization that anxiety can be only reduced through proof of trust while waiting for a promise to be kept.  From “Scout’s honor” to “I do” to “…the whole truth and nothing but the truth” we seek cues that allay our worries.  Lifeguards, the bus schedule, and the spotlessness of a hospital room are all obvious artifacts of promises waiting to be kept.

The world of work has many forms of promises waiting to be kept.  We recollect the evident power of trust when we see brand names that have attached guarantees to their offerings--FedEx, Domino’s Pizza, Hampton Inn, Nordstrom and L.L. Bean.  And, we sense its subtle power when the hotel finds our reservation; the newspaper is on the front porch; and the bank statement is completely accurate.

We were exiting a taxi at the Hartford airport and requested a receipt for the fare.  The taxi driver laughingly said, “I’ll give you two—one for you and one you can turn in for however much you think you can get the boss to reimburse.”  The message was clear.  He believed every business traveler pursued ways to stiff the company by padding expense reports.  “We only need one,” we told him.  “We own the company.”  His grin changed to a look of embarrassment.

Remarkable comes from “own the company” character.  Smart “owners” practice responsible stewardship along with giving great service.  They make decisions with one hand on their “wallet” but with the other on their heart.  And, when customers witness service with character, their confidence in that organization climbs.  What would your son or daughter learn if they could watch you deliver service to your customers?

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