How Many Advocates for Customers Work in Your Organization?

Today’s wired and dangerous customers crave organizations that consistently deliver great service and create emotional connections with customers.  Do you have people in your organization who consistently deliver great customer service?

We walked into the Marriott Windsor, Connecticut on a Monday about 8:20pm after a two hour flight from Atlanta to find a crowd at the Front Desk.  Looking for dinner we headed directly to the restaurant and requested our favorite server, Lacey.  Lacey gets great service and of course remembered us from our last visit.

After a warm welcome she raced to deliver our favorite beverages which she remembered as well.  She updated us with the dinner specials, answered our questions with infectious enthusiasm and gave us a few minutes to select our choices.  When she returned to take our order we told her we had a “special service challenge”.  As we expected Lacey was up for the challenge!  We explained the crowded front desk situation and wondered if we provided our ID and credit cards could she “check us in” and get our keys while we enjoyed our dinner?  “I bet we can do that for you guys” Lacey confidently replied.  Let me get my manager.

Less than 1 minute later Jason the restaurant manager appeared and stated he could help us.  We provided our IDs and credit cards and Jason vowed to return momentarily with check in completed and our room keys.  He kept his promise and in about 5 minutes presented us with our room keys while returning our IDs and credit cards.  “I noticed you were both Platinum and requested the extra points for you both.  Is that your preference?’ Jason asked.  Absolutely perfect we replied!

We were amazed by Jason’s attention to detail and desire to provide a great guest experience.  We have long been impressed with the hotel’s restaurant and staff and now we know one reason why – Jason! He is a great service leader continually role modeling the service experience he is looking for from his employees.  As usual dinner was delicious and Lacey’s service was over the top.

John returned to the restaurant the next evening and had a repeat terrific experience with Mandi.  Although he had not been served by Mandi in about 6 months she remembered his drink preference as well as his many dinner preferences; no crotons on the salad, balsamic vinaigrette on the side, no starch, extra veggies, and no bread!  Her entrée suggestion was right on and her attention to his dining experience over the top.  No wonder this is one of our favorite Marriotts!

Jason, Lacey and Mandi demonstrate the most important foundational elements for great service – a spirit of greatness and a confidence they can provide a consistently great service experience!  Their attitude, warmth and commitment are inspirational and contagious!  They are true service professionals and made our experience an exceptional one that we will remember warmly for a long time.

How many “Jasons, Laceys and Mandis” do you have in your organization who deliver a great experience to your customers every time with their special brand of TLC?  Are your customers advocates for your organization?

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