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Advanced Solutions’ Service Vision

Advanced Solutions is committed to providing insightful, strategic solutions that exceed customer needs. We strive for excellence in Customer Service through our people, products and services; first time, every time.


Advanced Solutions’ Corporate Standards

  • We are committed to effective teamwork, initiative, fair play, honesty and respect. We take pride in a job well done and are determined to succeed.
    • Cross functional communication and decision making as the normal and only way to do business with/at Advanced Solutions.
    • Decision making that first solicits input from all of those likely to be affected and communicates the final decision accurately and super timely.
    • Honest and realistic progress/performance updates and reports communicated on a super timely basis even when "it hurts".
    • Absolutely no "shooting of the messenger" mentality.
    • Fact based decision making that always includes productive debate.
    • An attitude about success that says "failure is not an option".
    • We celebrate our business successes and recognize who are major contributors to this success.

  • We exist to serve and provide value to our customers by understanding and anticipating their business needs and delivering appropriate, quality solutions on time - first time, every time.
    • Demonstrating super responsiveness to customer needs and requests.
    • Delivering agreed upon and/or requested information, services and products on time every time with 100% accuracy of the deliverables.
    • Continually demonstrating a determined effort to understand your customer’s evaluation of Advanced Solutions’ performance and owning the response to their concerns until the customer agrees they have been appropriately addressed.
    • Tirelessly working to understand your customer’s business and to understand/anticipate how Advanced Solutions can better meet their needs.
    • Maintaining a zero defects tolerance in all that we do.

  • We meet our commitments to our colleagues and customers 100% of the time. We measure our success by our colleagues’ and customers’ satisfaction.
    • Treating our colleagues in the same fashion that we treat our customers.
    • Discussing performance concerns about colleagues only with all involved present.
    • Providing honest and realistic performance estimates.
    • Anticipating the need to adjust performance deadlines and outcomes. Communicating the adjustments in a timely and honest fashion.
    • Recognizing customer service heroes and celebrating our successes.
    • Anticipating customer needs, responding to customer issues in a super responsive fashion, and communicating with customers in a direct and honest manner.
    • Measuring employee and customer satisfaction on a continuous basis. Utilizing the information gained to implement solutions that significantly improve employee and customer satisfaction.

  • The person who receives the issue/question owns it until it is resolved.
    • Finding the right person to address customer issues. Educating that person on the issue and following up with them until the issue has been addressed. Going the extra mile when necessary to raise the customer issue to the highest level in the organization necessary to ensure that it is addressed in a timely manner.
    • Resolving customer concerns in a super timely fashion whenever possible. When resolution in a super timely fashion is not possible, communicating honestly and directly with the customer and informing them of the plan to address their issues with an anticipated timeframe.

  • We communicate with our colleagues and customers exchanging timely, accurate and relevant information. We encourage productive debate.
    • Proactively schedule and conduct timely, accurate and honest status review sessions with customers and colleagues.
    • Proactively provide 100% accurate performance status reports and performance information to customers and colleagues.
    • Proactively solicit customer feedback on Advanced Solutions’ performance and customer input on additional information they would like to receive.
    • Regularly solicit input from your customer regarding how Advanced Solutions can better serve their needs today and in the future.
    • As a normal course of business, hold cross functional meetings that involve all appropriate colleagues in productive debate about issues and concerns which touch their area of responsibility. Productive debate "brings reality to the surface through openness, candor and informality". Productive debate "ends with closure where, at the conclusion of the meeting, people agree about what each person has to do and when".*

  • We take the Advanced Solutions brand seriously. Our actions and communications strengthen and promote our brand.
    • Develop an in depth understanding of all Advanced Solutions products and services.
    • Always conduct business in alignment with the Corporate Standards.
    • Follow Advanced Solutions brand standards regarding use of the logo, document requirements, electronic media and documents, internal/external communications and marketing information.

*From: Execution: the discipline of getting things done / Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan


  • We deliver disciplined performance through priority-focused planning, validation and follow up.
    • We follow a detailed project planning, management and implementation process that includes periodic performance and improvement reviews with our customers.
    • Service Level Agreements are reviewed and developed through productive debate with all appropriate functions prior to commitment to the customer.
    • SLA performance is continually tracked, reported and proactively reviewed for Customer acceptance and/or revision. SLA performance is actively discussed in all customer review meetings.
    • Our approach is one of whenever possible preventing defects, outages, issues and problems that negatively impact our customers’ business.
    • We continually review our performance in all areas and proactively institute changes to improve our ability to meet and/or exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • We continually review and improve the efficiency of our processes and applicability of service lines. Should problems occur we have processes to resolve them quickly.
    • We actively and continuously test all products, processes and systems for defects and/or improvement.
    • We recognize our "quality heroes" who find defects and better ways to do business and institute change.
    • We have a continuous best practices approach to business where we are always looking for process and system improvements. These best practices are communicated and implemented throughout the company.
    • Service Recovery is the number one priority of all Advanced Solutions associates when any of our customers has issues and/or concerns. Service Recovery is an "all hands" effort until the issue has been successfully addressed.
    • Annually we examine our business practices, processes and policies to ensure alignment with our corporate standards and to identify areas where improvement is necessary. All improvement areas identified become an item in the next operational plan review and individuals are assigned responsibility for implementing changes.

  • We have the expertise and resources to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.
    • Improving customer satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty is priority number one at Advanced Solutions. Project priorities and resource allocation is completed with this priority as the number one consideration.
    • All customer facing employees at Advanced Solutions are certified in the "Advanced Way of Doing Business", Customer Relations and Service Recovery.
    • We actively meet with our customers to understand their expectations and to anticipate their needs. This information is forwarded to an active Customer Intelligence Program which acts as a clearing house for all customer feedback information.
    • We actively monitor all customer support services to determine current performance levels, develop and implement continuous improvement programs, and provide performance information to our customers regularly.

  • We conduct our business with a passion for innovation, while maintaining a global perspective, strategic vision and a focus on speed to market.
    • Lead with enthusiasm and passion by believing in what we are doing.
    • Involve everyone that an initiative/issue touches in the planning and decision making through productive debate.
    • Ensure different cultural considerations are taken into account by including international representation in all business decision making meetings.
    • Continuously seek new product ideas from customers and colleagues. Maintain a vigorous research and development effort that involves customers.
    • Develop and implement an operational process that includes an operational calendar, an intensive planning and budgeting process and implementation planning which requires realistic timeframes.
    • Produce detailed product "roadmaps" that include product development, enhancement and release plans and schedules. Annually measure, analyze and strive to improve speed to market and innovation from our customers’ perspective and publish the results.