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John R. Patterson - Project Management

Project Management Services for Office Build Out, Relocation & Renovation

Progressive Insights was founded by John Patterson in late 2000 to provide advisory services for two distinct markets; the office interiors build out/ renovation/ relocation market and organizations focused on delivering outstanding customer service through developing a customer loyalty culture.  Today the firm continues to service these two markets as well as providing strategic planning and executive coaching services.

We learned the corporate office relocation and renovation business from the client side first.  Our experience includes the successful lease negotiation, build out and move and renovation of corporate headquarters, regional offices and industrial space while serving as a senior officer of a public company.  We understand the need to minimize the many distractions an office relocation or renovation can bring to executive leadership as well as to the overall productivity of the organization.

Our experience in office build out/ renovation and corporate relocation project management services includes multiple projects from 6,000 to 57,000 square feet in 5 states with union and non-union general contractors at varying levels of complexity in technology, schedule, furnishings, and construction including the build out of a 3,500 square foot state of the art research and development kitchen located as the center piece of a 57,000 square foot public company international headquarters on the top floor of a class A office building.

Progressive Insights works with a limited number of clients around the country so that we can provide high quality consultation and project management services, rather than "hit and run" help.  We maintain alliances with an array of highly skilled professionals who possess unique specialties.  This allows us to assemble a consulting and project management team uniquely tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a given client for a particular project.

How We Operate

The efforts of any consulting firm are guided by a set of beliefs and values.  Progressive Insights is dedicated to providing clients with a pragmatic means of dramatically impacting project completion and organizational productivity through service that is distinctively delivered.  Our purpose is to help organizations successfully navigate the many complexities of office interior design, construction, renovation and relocation so that they experience little to no disruption of their normal business operations and enjoy a new space which is an extraordinary fit with their culture as well as their business needs.

Our experience in customer loyalty consulting drives our approach to developing a deep understanding of our project management clients and delivering outstanding customer service.  We begin every engagement by understanding our clients’, their organizational culture, strategic plan and operational needs so we can assist in the translation of all of these key elements into their new or renovated office space.

We are a family firm and bring the key elements of family to each project.  In addition Progressive Insights brings to every engagement the following core values:

Honesty and Integrity
Customer Centricity

We seek to create client independence - our involvement is always aimed at being a temporary one.  Therefore, we work to build internal strengths and to leave clients able to perpetuate what is begun as well as appropriately replicate our efforts in the future.

The Progressive Insights Approach


  • We need to know a great deal about our clients, about their customers, their employees, their company history, strategic vision, goals, and current culture.  We recommend we complete interviews with the client’s project leader and other key decision makers/ influencers involved to build an accurate picture of the culture, the decision making process for a the project, and the requirements for a successful build out/ renovation.

Project Planning Sessions:

  • Upon selection of the Architect and completion of the construction documents we recommend an initial project planning meeting be conducted to finalize project requirements, overall fast track schedule and overall budget.  A second session should be conducted with the selection of the General Contractor and finalization of the construction budget.  These sessions help to determine specific project requirements as well as to create appropriate expectations for the project and determine significant communications points.

Weekly Project Meetings:

  • Upon selection of the General Contractor, their subcontractors and other vendors we typically conduct weekly project coordination meetings to provide updated information, solve issues that arise and discuss important project milestones.  We recommend those client departments involved in the build out attend via conference call or in person as often as possible.  These meetings play a vital role in the success of the project.

Transition & Communications Planning

  • We work with key client personnel to develop the following plans:
    • Overall Fast Track Project Key Events & Timeline
    • Construction
    • Move Management
    • Change management for transition from current space to new location/ renovated space
    • Technology Transition
    • New/ Used Furniture Purchase and Installation
    • Post move/ renovation adjustment process
    • Project Close Out
  • We strongly urge the development and implementation of an extraordinary communications plan to set appropriate expectations and to inform client personnel of the overall transition plan, their respective role as well as responsibilities as well as what will be required of them for success.

Project Budget Development and Management:

  • We work with the client’s lead contact to develop and maintain the overall project budget and administer the construction contract, change order process and project contingency. We provide regular budget reviews throughout the project periodically as agreed to with our client.

Services We Offer Overview

We provide a single point of contact for coordinating the more than 200 sequential decisions required for a successful office build out, relocation and/ or renovation project.

As your Project Manager, our focus is on minimizing:
1. The investment of time required by client personnel relevant to the project
2. The disruption to normal operations and productivity
3. Your costs

We typically assist clients with selecting a design firm and are actively involved in the space programming process.  In addition we coordinate the acquisition of appropriate services for construction, furniture and fixtures, audio visual equipment, telecommunications installation and information technology infrastructure development, and the actual movement of furnishings, contents and equipment at the least possible cost and operational disruption to deliver the most value.  We manage the adjustment process immediately after move in, the close out process to ensure accurate and timely payment of invoices and offer dispute resolution services as well. Our objective is to provide a space which accurately reflects our client’s mission, vision, values and provides an effective operating environment that improves employee engagement.

Project Planning

We assist in the identification of local project team members (key stakeholders, architects, engineers, and specialty consultants), manage the selection of a design team of appropriate best-in-class providers and oversee negotiations for these services.  We guide our client and the design team through detailed project planning, programming, and space planning, prepare a master project schedule, and identify a comprehensive target overall project budget for all line items necessary to accomplish the project.  Regular updates of the overall project budget are provided throughout the project.

We typically assist our clients and their real estate broker with the review and negotiation of the “work letter” included in the landlord’s lease documents.

FF & E Selection/Layout/ Purchasing

This service represents finalization of the Furniture Plan and establishment of furniture components and finishes required for ordering.  An FF & E budget and schedule are established and assigned to the overall budget.  If requested we will coordinate the FF&E selection, bidding, purchasing, and installation process.

Construction Management

This service represents coordination and oversight of construction, bidding, project permitting with the selected contractor, liaison with building management and engineering, vendor coordination for tele/data cabling and security vendors, audiovisual vendors, etc.  Weekly Construction Meetings would be conducted to assure communication amongst all vendors and contractors.  The project construction budget and schedule are constantly monitored during all phases of the project.

Relocation and Move Management

Prior to the move, the project manager will meet with key individuals from the client’s staff to review and coordinate the various aspects of the move.  The final move-in is a logistical challenge that is the most visible aspect of the entire project for the majority of employees.  A successful project concludes with a seamless relocation, executed within the expected time frame.  Our project manager will coordinate all aspects of the relocation, post move adjustment period and punch list process as well as provide advice on various change management issues related to the move.  Whether your move is a permanent one to a new location or a temporary one that allows for phased renovation, we minimize your company's downtime and relocation cost.

Project Close-out

Once all punch list items are complete, the project will be formally closed out by our project manager.  Final invoices will be submitted for payment and warranties, operational manuals, as-built drawings and the like will be forwarded to the appropriate facility manager for future reference. An electronic copy of the as-built drawing will be forwarded to the facility or engineering manager.  A final accounting of all expenditures will be forwarded to client representatives for their reference.  It is our experience that this is a critical phase of the project.

Office Relocation and Renovation Services Offered:

  • Architect and Space Plan – selection and development coordination
  • Review & recommendation of new office space plans
  • General Contractor selection process coordination
  • Review of construction drawings, budget, contract and timetable.
  • Provide representation and oversight of the office build out
    1. Construction Budget/Value Engineering development and oversight
    2. Construction Change Order management
    3. Project schedule and quality assurance
    4. Coordination with Building Management
    5. Punchlist management
  • Develop furniture relocation plan
  • Develop and review furniture plans/determine additional office furnishings and equipment.  Determine an appropriate budget.  Solicit bids and contract for the purchase and delivery of said new furnishings.
  • Solicit, review and recommend moving contractor.
  • Develop master relocation checklist and timetable.
  • Provide move management services and be on site during the move to include:
    1. Move Plan Development – select internal team, develop move schedule & move budget including temporary space if renovating current space
    2. Moving company & facilities services companies – bid process and vendor selection coordination
    3. Move phasing and in/out plans development
    4. Security and inventory control plan development
    5. Process coordination with Building Management
    6. Develop and implement move communications plan and staff training plan
    7. Space identification plan coordination
    8. New furnishings, telecommunications, technology, delivery and installation coordination
    9. Move day(s) oversight and coordination
    10. Post move services – verify furniture, equipment and supplies received and properly located, assist in filing of damage claims, manage mover punch list, vendor invoice review and approval
  • Information Technology & Telecommunications – Planning & Project Management Services to include:
    1. Plan Review and Analysis  – review of voice/data and electrical options and associated costs
    2. Develop voice and data wiring and installation plan and timetable
    3. Low Voltage Wiring Contract – coordinate selection process and contract oversight
    4. Information Technology and Telecommunications - move  plan development
    5. Telecommunications Service Providers – coordinate selection process, plan and coordinate new service installation and current service turn off
    6. Telecommunications System Provider – coordinate selection process for new system or selection process to move current system
    7. Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment Move – coordination, equipment testing and oversight
    8. Information Technology and Telecommunications training – planning and coordination
  • FF&E/ Move Punch list management
  • Vendor invoice review
  • Dispute resolution
  • Project close out

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