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The Chip Bell Group is ranked #10 among U.S. consulting firms for Leadership Development Programs according to Leadership Excellence Magazine.

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Thank you for visiting John R.  The mission of this site is to provide you with information that is helpful in decision making, learning, improving your organization’s culture as well as the ability to deliver consistently great customer service and will bring you back again.

About John R. Patterson, Progressive Insights, Inc.
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John Patterson is founder and President of Progressive Insights, Inc.  John is the co-author of three books with Chip Bell including the international bestseller Wired and Dangerous; How Your Customers Have Changed and What To Do About It (BK, May 2011), the national best seller Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers and Customer Loyalty Guaranteed: Create, Lead, and Sustain Remarkable Customer Service.  He is a sought after speaker and workshop leader on topics related to delivering great customer experiences and leadership.  He can be found on

Progressive Insights is one of North America’s premier customer relationship management consulting firms, specializing in helping organizations develop a customer-centric perspective and deliver consistently great customer service.  Click here to read a Client Case Study Success.  We are a member of The CHIP BELL Group with affiliates in several major cities, which enables us to marshal the best customer service experts to focus on the unique requirements of a particular client.  We pride ourselves in modeling the practices and standards we recommend to our clients.  We have far ranging experience consulting for large public and private corporations to smaller companies.  Clients range from technology and hospitality to insurance, healthcare, utilities, banking and business services.  We also consult with nonprofit organizations.

The efforts of any consulting firm are guided by a set of beliefs and values.  Progressive Insights is dedicated to providing clients with a pragmatic means of dramatically impacting customer perceptions through service that is distinctively delivered.  Our purpose is to help organizations become famous in the eyes of their customers, not just for the technical support they provide, but also for the complete service experience.

We help our clients choose a clear, consistent service focus and strategy which is tightly aligned with what their customers’ value and perceive as distinctive.  We help clients see their organization and service delivery systems through clients' eyes.  We assist in providing tools, techniques and methodology aimed at keeping an organization in harmony with their customers' changing needs and expectations.  We support our clients by providing customer, organizational and employee research, as well as training in effective service management and leadership.  Our focus is on helping service executives; managers, supervisors, and customer service specialists better understand their role and responsibility in making distinctive service quality a central focus.

Progressive Insights works with a limited number of clients so that we can provide high quality consultation, rather than "hit and run" help.  Practicing what we preach is critical.  We maintain a small, highly skilled professional staff and partner with a large cadre of professional consultants who possess unique specialties.  This allows us to assemble a consulting team uniquely tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a given prospect or client.

Our work is predicated upon the belief that the successful companies are those whose plans and practices remain perpetually grounded in responsiveness to the customer.  Superior service implies confident deference to customer requirements balanced by a responsibility to the shareholders and stakeholders of the organization.  All our efforts must pass the ROI test and be judged in terms of their long-term impact on success in the marketplace.

We seek to create client independence - our involvement is always aimed at being a temporary one.  Therefore, we work to build internal strengths and to leave clients able to perpetuate what is begun as well as appropriately replicate our efforts in the future.

As you will learn our work takes four forms: management consulting, workshop or seminar development and facilitation, speaking engagements and real estate project management.

If this is your first visit, welcome!  If you are returning, thanks for coming back!  Whether first timer or veteran visitor, I welcome your feedback on how this site can better fit your hopes and needs.

About The CHIP BELL Group

The Chip Bell Group is a select confederation of highly experienced consultants who passionately pursue one core vision—to help their clients become famous for the kind of service experiences that result in devoted customers.

All members of this long term alliance are independent consultants with their own consulting practices.  They periodically work together as a high-performance team on selected consulting projects.  All share four key values: making cutting edge contributions both to the profession and to their clients; demonstrating impeccable ethics that would make their mothers very proud; practicing the world-class service they encourage their clients to emulate; and, working to leave their clients with the capacity and competence to be more successful.

The Chip Bell Group has no logo…instead they have a proud legacy of many highly productive client relationships.  They occupy no office complex…instead they spend their time on their clients' site delivering value.  The Chip Bell Group’s brand strategy is to consistently do remarkable work on behalf of their clients.

The CHIP BELL Group Service Vision

The service vision of The CHIP BELL Group is to provide selected clients with relevant service wisdom they experience as incredibly empowering and surprisingly simple that is delivered through a valued partnership.

The CHIP BELL Group Service Standards

Access that is easy, quick and perpetual; response that is stunning
A consulting style that is generous, approachable, professional and slightly wild
Practice methods that are creative, practical and low maintenance
Contributions that are cutting edge and focused on client replication for success
Client and associate dealings that would make even our mama’s smile